Tips on Finding the Best Suit Tailor in Bangkok‍

23 August 2023

Tips on Finding the Best Suit Tailor In Bangkok

People come to Thailand.
They are on holidays or for both business and pleasure.

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One of the things people do here on their trips and is well known, world-wide for, is getting clothes made in Thailand.

Imagine you are that couple, that someone.

So you reached Thailand.
Some of the natural questions that could come up is how much is a tailored suit in Bangkok, who are the
recommended best tailor in bangkok, where can we go that is both men’s and women’s tailor?
You start your search on Google.

suit tailor bangkok

You type in best tailor in bangkok
Thousands of listings show up.
Convincing you they are the best.

You get confused, you wonder oh now where to tailor suit in Bangkok?
How do you know you are really getting the search results according to real reviews and not according to some spin doctor?

This is important to you because as you go back to your home country, The suit you wear is going  to reflect your status symbol at your work place and/or your social gatherings.

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Here are some of the tips and tricks you can use to come up with to sort of gauge of the authenticity of the establishment:

1) Find out how many social media and online channels they have such as Facebook, website, Instagram, google my business and so on. When you go in to these channels, what does the story tell you, how many years is the establishment? Who have they served? What are their customers saying about them? Are those reviews authentic? Do they convey their craftmanship explicitly? Are they promoted by key opinion leaders (KOL)  in the tailoring world? This is important because for a KOL to back them up, they would have to be sure they are credible.

2) Do they have a real store front? This tells you that they are not a fly by night establishment.

3) Does the business owner have the courage to come and share his/her expertise on video clips? Not just showing products on customer reviews. This is a crucial element on many fronts. For one He is putting his face on the line where others are unwilling. For two you get to relate to him/her and see if you like him or her before even entering the store. Another thing is does he have real expertise in the subject matter! That’s the most important thing, that is why you are going to use their service it the first place!

suit tailor bangkok

4) What value do they provide.
This includes services like introductory consultation like style, fit, color-scheme matching, occasions suit is being worn for, materials selections, measurements services. Then comes fittings and understanding body structures and how material flows to even out and balances out so your natural body parts that works get accentuated like large shoulders and hide your imbalances like for example hunch back. Do they provide expert stylist to do private sessions at the hotel. What does their timeline look like? Is it too quick or its quick but seem realistic? These are the things to consider.

Doing your homework upfront with the listed above steps would set you off in the right direction give you a sense of what to look for that will help you finalize your search selection. I hope this empowers and enables you to get the suit tailor bangkok that would make you look like a million dollars! Good Luck and enjoy your stay in Thailand

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Raja Gulati is the Managing Director of Monte Carlo Tailors, a family run business his father started some 50 years ago.

He is endorsed by Antonio Centeno, the world’s most followed men’s grooming guru (3 million on YouTube) in the article “10 Custom Tailors Antonio Recommends”.  One could argue that he is the best tailor in Bangkok

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