Suit Trends for Women 2022

26 October 2022

Suit Trends for Women 2022

(Insights from Bangkok Best Tailor)

As the summer of 2022 begins, in most parts of the world people are starting to move away from the life of isolation and restriction thrust upon them by the global pandemic. Fashion for women has considerably evolved since the beginning of the pandemic and tailoring suits have taken the world of   casual attire by storm. To keep you up to date, today we take a look at the trending suit styles for women in 2022 so that you can remain as stylish as ever.

Oversized Suits

With an oversized blazer and loose-fitted trousers, oversized suits are at the top of the trend list for suits in 2022. Yet, it is a difficult look to pull off as there is a very fine line between looking stylish and looking overloaded in material. However, by wearing an oversized suit with something tight fitted underneath getting the blazer proportions right, you can pull of a chilled yet elegant look, making it perfect to wear for casual outings. Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski are examples of 2 celebrities who have embraced the trend and pull the look to perfection.

Bright Colored Suits

Long gone are the days where tailored suits have to be black and boring, and whilst they still have a place in the world for certain occasions, brightly colored suits have taken over. These brightly colored suits provide a very vibrant, exciting look that makes you feel alive in a sophisticated manner.

Printed Suits

From flora l to pinstripes, some women have gone a step further from plain suits and added various designs to spice up their suits. These suits from tailor shop near you allows people to truly showcase who they are and portray their personality in their design. Additionally, like wearing the brightly colored suit, these designs make you stand out amongst your peers.

Straight Fit Blazer

Curved fit blazers used to be in fashion for women because it allowed them to showcase their body and this would suggest that a straight fit blazer would negate that. However, women now wear a straight fit blazer unbuttoned to achieve the same purpose.

Long Lapel

To match their oversized suits, women have extended their lapel past the usual length. What is a lapel? A lapel is essentially the collar of the suit. The purpose of this is that it makes the you look taller.

These are the main suit trends for women in fashion in 2022, and will hopefully provide you with the knowledge to spice up your wardrobe and take on the world in style.

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