02 December 2022


(2 cents from Owner of a tailor shop in Bangkok)

Being in the tailoring business, and having my businessestablished in Thailand, in which the industry seem notorious, it could seembias to you for me to write about what to look for in choosing a men’s tailor.Nonetheless, I am doing just that.

Why would you be going to a tailor in the first place? If I were you I would dothat because I want my clothes to rest comfortably on me, accentuate the bodyfeatures that flatter me, hide those that don’t, bring about my wholesomeness,leaves a good impression on others, be a decent sight for the beholder, andmake me look good. That may be too much to ask for, but bespoke tailoring doesjust that.

Here is a simple guideline you can follow in choosing a men’s tailor

Get yourself educated about the subject.Asyou begin to look for a tailor that is a resource for you to build up aformidable wardrobe, it would work to get yourself knowledgeable about tailormade clothes. When you begin to delve yourself into the world of custom madeclothing, which is engaging, you start to notice the little intricacies, youmay have not noticed before. You start to notice the fit of a jacket, theoccasion the person is wearing a particular color, the boutonniere, etc. Youalso start to realize that, what you wear, and how you wear them, leaves animpression on others. Read books about tailor made clothes. There are a fewgood ones out there. Then get curious and start interacting with knowledgeablepeople at online community forums. Ask questions.

Lookingfor a Tailor. There are various ways you can search for an experiencedtailor that would fit your preference. Here are a few I can suggest. Once youhave engaged awhile on the online forums, you would notice few people who arereally knowledgeable. You ask them where they get their clothes tailored andsee if it fits your price range. Also, as you would, by now, have a foundationabout tailoring and be noticing details all around you, ask the people youmeet, whose clothes, cut or fit inspire you, of where they get their clothestailor made. Another way is to do an online research. Look for websites thatprovide online tailoring services. Contrary to popular beliefs, orderingclothes online is possible. These would give clear instructions on how tomeasure. The instructions are not that hard to follow. Choose one that fitsyour budget and style needs.

Selecting a Tailor. Onceyou have done the above, you have narrowed yourself down to a handful of names.Get in communication with them either via visiting their establishment, phoneor email.

What you are actually doing is finding out if this is a person you can workwith. Is the person ready to listen to you, to serve you or they seem uppityand in a hurry? Is there some way you can view their work? Through photographs,or work in process at their establishment? Are there any testimonials fromother customers that you could read? What is the turnaround time? My suggestionis do not go for the 24-hour service. Making clothes in 24 hours is possible,but things done in a hurry may have some things overlooked. For a tightschedule person, that has an important appointment coming up, a 3 – 7 days timeline is appropriate with at least 2 fittings. If you are ordering online,expect at least 3-4 weeks for the clothes to reach you, once you placed anorder. Once you have gone through this process, you would come up with at leastone or two names that you feel confident in working with.

Start with placing a small order first. See if the tailor is available tohandle your needs. See the quality and craftsmanship of the work. Does it reachyour standard of satisfaction? Once you have gone through this process, youhave found yourself a reliable tailor that would help you build a formidablewardrobe. Most tailors keep your measurements. So when you re-order, you wouldnot need to be refitted again and you can order online or via email or phone.

Getting into the world of custom tailoring is fun and an enjoyable experience.You would also love the clothes that you help design that fits you perfectlyand leaves a lasting impression. You would be proud of yourself, and now andthen friends or even strangers would approach you to ask where you got ittailored from. Then it’s time for you to pay it forward and offer expertadvice.

For inquiries about styling, custom made suits advice on types of suits for which occasions orturnaround time, can call or whatsapp at +66863307228

Raja Gulati is the Managing Director of Monte Carlo Tailors, a family business his father started some 40 years ago.

He is endorsed by Antonio Centeno, the world’s most followed men’s grooming guru (2.5 million on youtube) in the article “10 Custom Tailors Antonio Recommends”

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