How To Be Naturally Attractive and Charming While Attending A Gathering

28 October 2022

How To Be Naturally Attractive and Charming While Attending A Gathering, Regardless Of What your Physique Look Like, Without That Awkward Sinking Feeling In Your Gut That You Have Made A Mistake In Your Dress-Code, Or  Without Feeling That Its Unfair That You Are The Gathering’s Best Kept Secret

(Insights from The Best Tailor In Bangkok)

Last week I wrote about “Why Do People Wear Suits” and it’s not what people usually think about suit wearing. This week I want to touch on how suit could give you the experience to be comfortable in your own skin, sometimes in the most trying times, and actually brings about your joyful, natural self-expression for you and the people you are attending the event with.

This would seemed, I am promising too much in a single read, and I am going to tell you a secret, it’s not what popular notion has on the topic either. Curious? Read on.

I want to share from the perspective of my own experience. And, while I do that, I invite you to follow along and bring your suit wearing experiences to see, if what I say may ring true for you as well.

Remember, I run a best tailor in bangkok, so, I love to ask my customers, when they come for their fitting appointments, to try on  the patterned cloth we constructed so we could together see the changes they would like to make, like lengthening the sleeves, tightening the waist, etc., to bring about the perfect fit. In the same context, I would like to invite you to bring your experience to bear and see, what I say holds water for you. If it fits, take it, if not just put it aside.

Suit wearing, for me started with being something about to avoid embarrassing myself, gaining acceptance, avoiding being awkward in a situation or not being left out. What I meant by these invalidating experiences is that to avoid standing out in the function or the occasion I am attending, I try to gain ‘acceptance’ by wearing something that I could blend in, but not from or for my own accord.

Or, I totally resist and want to insist on my own ‘individuality’ or that I am ‘different’, or ‘above the rest’ so I would wear something totally out of context.

For example, yesterday I attended a business-owners conference, where nearly a thousand entrepreneurs were there in a professional setting, complete with stage, light & sounds, and booths etc.

Now, instead of dressing up in a professional suit to showcase my work and craftsmanship, as the ambassador to my brand, I choose to go to the function in bright blue sports jacket and shabby jeans….. to be ‘loud’. I could be loud all I want, but the impact would be my wallet would remain empty; I wouldn’t garner much trust, and have no clients to serve.

Now, you may ask, but Raja, if you don’t blend in and you don’t come up with your own personality, what choice is there?

I am proposing something called “The Middle Path” (now I am becoming Zensy). Don’t call the ambulance yet, I haven’t gone mad.

Let me explain it in a way a great cook makes food and then revert back to what does it has to do with suit wearing and self- expression.

When a professional cook makes say the Indian tandoori chicken, he readies all the ingredients that he goes to the market to select them himself. He comes back, prepares them with meticulous details and then marinates the chicken with the herbs and spices in the clay oven for a couple of days and then finally grilled them with painstaking precision and then finally you have the mouthwatering chicken on your platter.

For an ordinary person who just wanna eat, he/she could barely make out the difference but for a person who knows, the flavor of the food is more enriched, more tantalizing on the tongue, and mesmerizingly relishing.

Hows’ that possible when the ingredients is the same and the process of making it is nearly the same everywhere? The only arguably different factor is the person doing the cooking.

Now what if you go about doing your suit wearing in a similar manner like the person doing the cooking? I am not saying you should or you need to, I am saying; try the idea on if it fits.

And you are also not coming from blending in or reacting to try to stand out but you are not excluding them from consideration either.

First, you think about the occasion you are attending, what type of audience would there be?

Then you go to the market (you go to a trusted tailor shop to get your ingredients) that can give you authentic guidance, consultation, style and fit selection, material and colors mixing & matching and get measured by a person with distinctions on the subject matter that can envision your suit on you even before it exist.

Once you have gone through all of that, then it’s time to marinate, the time you do your fitting. Together with the style expert at the shop and the pattern designer, you chiseled out what is extra in inches and brings in what is missing, so that your unique body structure balances out the lines and accentuate its wholesome and completeness.

Once the fitting is done, you leave it up to the experts to bring it home for you. The pattern designer takes the necessary concluded adjustments and sculpted it into the construction. It needs a specialized skill-set to envision the finished suit while stitching it up. The ‘qc’ team makes sure what you get exactly what you want by cleaning the suit up, rechecking and comparing the style, fit and measurements matches, what was created together.

And viola the mouthwatering dish is served.

You have gone through the necessary steps in participating and co-creating your expression, where that leaves you at is, in a sense at peace with yourself, free to be with people in the occasion you are attending. With this quiet confidence in you, you can then bring witty, fun, joyful, and loving, to those around you and gives the space you are attending your full SELF-expression. People feel happy around you without knowing why and the space seem to shine a bit brighter and clearer because you are there, and have tangible joy reflected in lucid laughter. You are naturally attractive and charming at the same time, regardless of how your physique is. Now, that is……… priceless.

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