Occasions Which Are Appropriate for Wearing A Tailored Suit – Expert Advice from a Tailor in Bangkok

05 January 2023

Occasions Which Are Appropriate for Wearing A Tailored Suit – Expert Advice from a Tailor in Bangkok

A man looks good in a tailored suit. Period.

A discernible man knows he can give himself an easy advantage by donning a suit, more so a bespoke tailored one. People notice a well-dressed man, spotting him effortlessly in a crowd. In a way dressing elegantly is a contribution to those around you, like a breath of fresh air. An off-the-rack suit wouldn't have the same impact.

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Getting a suit custom-stitched allows you to accentuate the body features that flatter you most and hide those that don't. For instance, if you are big on your midriff, you would be advised to choose jacket styles that are lower-buttoning instead of one with a higher placket to give the impression of a longer silhouette. For a shorter person, stay clear of double-breasted jackets as they have a "drowning-effect" making you appear even smaller.

So, what occasions are "perfectly suited" for a bespoke tailored suit?


Suits and business are near synonyms. But in an environment where everyone is suited and booted, how can one stand out? Getting ahead in the game includes very much dressing the part, almost as much as doing the job well. When you "dress-for-success" it normally won't take you too long to get there.

Whether it's a standard day at work, attending a board-meeting, a lunch or evening appointment with a client, a corporate event or a day when you're giving a presentation, custom-made suits that drape well on the body make a statement yet give an understated elegance to the wearer without appearing looming. Classic looks in darker shades of greys, navys and blacks or dark pinstripes teamed with appropriate-sized lapels either in notched or peaked in single-breasted or double easily put you ahead of the pack.

Dictionaries largely describe a gentleman as a person who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities or just a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.

Colloquially, it's perhaps more common to refer to a well-dressed man as a gentleman.

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Weddings spring to mind first. Can you find a man who wouldn't put on a suit on his wedding day? Will his wife let him live that one down (if they actually did get married in the end)? Wearing a two or three-piece (with a vest) suit in solid colors would look very elegant. And it's perfect if you can find an accessory to color-coordinate with the bride's dress or perhaps flowers? More significantly, make sure the jacket has a working boutonnière. You wouldn't be caught dead with your pants down, would you?

For many, more than a suit, tuxedos are quite the rage at weddings. And pretty much, in that space too, a well-tailored one surely sets the groom a cut above the rest. There is no glory in opting for a cheap-rental on your special day.

The interesting thing about suits in a social setting is there is a lot more range to play with. From outright sharp to casual, it's a whole different world. From weddings to funerals to cocktail parties or just a date with a beautiful woman, each occasion screams out for a different style. And when better than now to custom make?

Whether you are attending a charity event, an art exhibition, your mother's birthday or a colleague's promotion celebration, the right suit sends the right message, whatever you want that message to be. Funerals provide the perfect example; a sad but standard occasion for wearing a suit, choosing solid, dark colors popularly black add harmony and honor to the occasion.

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Job Interviews

In a time of austerity and recession, it has never been more important than to make that first impression. If you look the part, you've already won half the race. You will be putting your interviewers in a place where they question WHY NOT to hire you as opposed to WHY to hire you?

In such a setting, solid colors, pinstripe navy or charcoal black expresses high level of professionalism and integrity. When they see the care you've taken to dress, they translate that you'd extend the same attitude to the job they'd hire you for and the impression that leaves is very positive. Even with a solid resume/CV in hand, try showing up shabbily dressed or to push it even further in denims and loafers and see if you even get beyond hello especially in a corporate interview. Looking sharp in a well-tailored suit creates the right impression in your interviewer's mind and gives you an edge over your competition. Dressing appropriately and distinctively for the occasion will speak volumes about the preparation you have undertaken

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OthersThere are numerous other occasions that a man can accentuate his image with a well-fitted suit. It could be as simple as a stroll in the park on a beautiful sunny day, a coffee with your special someone at a boutique café, a bidding session at an auction house or maybe visiting an elderly relative at a nursing home.

To give an air of influence and authority, start with a well-crafted suit. From there it's simple to see the achievers from the herd.

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What ever the occasions may be, tailored suit holds a special magnificence for the person wearing it. Period.

Sometimes people search in vain when they type in google with these keywords: best tailor in bangkok near me, taylor shops near me, tailored suit Bangkok price, how many hours to make a suit, etc, as the intention of the search would get skewed. Because if there's one point to take away after reading through this article, whatever the occasions may be, tailored suit holds a special magnificence for the person wearing it. 2 cents from a Bangkok tailor; Period.

For inquiries about styling, best tailor in bangkok advice on types of suits for which occasions orturnaround time, can call or whatsapp at +66863307228

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