Commanding Respect

27 October 2022

Commanding Respect

(Insights from The Best Tailor In Bangkok)

How To Achieve Herculean Outcome in High-Stakes Meeting And Win Everybody’s Heart, Without Stepping On Anybody’s Toe Or Alienating A Particular Side That They Become Your Sworn Enemy.

A few of my customers are country ambassadors, leading businessmen, or upcoming athletes. One, could say, what they have in common, is audience to ‘perform’ in front for.

When you have an audience and you perform, your concern, naturally, is at providing some outcomes or fulfilling some intentions. Today I want to give an example of a Country Ambassador.

In the case of Country Ambassador, his/her intention could be about to align various seeming conflicting parties in the meeting to agree to his/her proposition, that would create a win-win for all parties involved. That’s a herculean task to begin with.  How he/she would ‘perform’ for his/her ‘audience’ would then be  enrolling the various groups to see that it works better to work in harmony rather than winner takes all attitude, and then to let people see that his/her proposition is the opportunity to fulfill on that and have everyone win.

Let’s take a seemingly real case scenario; there is a price war on oil in Middle Eastern countries. This undermined oil prices for all oil exporting nations and cause instability in the region. Poorer countries justify that it’s about feeding the masses and survival. Rich countries are furious that it eats into the margins and member countries are not playing by the rules and backstabbing each other. Say, this is a meeting of the Middle Eastern Ambassadors to the UN.

Say this Country Ambassador is my customer. He got referred to me by another Ambassador.

When his limousine drops him off in front of my shop, he seemed to look perplexed. I sat him down, offered him tea, and asked him, what’s on his mind. He narrated me the story.

I then understood right away, the clout that he would need to cross him over to the other side of the bridge and have his peer takes on what he would propose hinges upon if he can command their respect.

From the distinctions that I have, I can pinpoint a few things. One, people at this level cut to the chase and wants to be taken seriously (to achieve the desired outcome) and yet, do not want to ‘occur’ to be overbearing that others would feel dominated by. This would then make them ‘reject’ anything coming from him.

So black is out. Too commanding. More for a high power meeting by a boss to subordinates.

Something like patterned or checked shirts with equally busy tie would totally have people get stuck to his clothes, tuned off from him and the ‘vehicle’ he is using for enrollment, his “words” would land on ‘deaf’ ears, impacting the outcome of his intention.

I recommended a 2 button midnight blue suit with 3-inch peak lapel to direct the attention to his face. Midnight blue is serious, yet compassionate. The shirt is classic ivory white, with half cutaway collar to balance out his somewhat pointed face. I recommended a dark maroon tie with matching pocket square to add a bit (but not too much) flair.

I also offered him the solution to his predicament.

I said, if I were him, I would first appeal to the region’s shared rich heritage. I would then enroll both sides to the possibilities of trust and camaraderie. The conversation might go something like this:

“You know as I stand here today, in front of you, I am moved by our shared history and heritage that has brought us to be in this room together in the first place. See, the only people that would have friction with one another is because we care deeply about each other; otherwise, we would not have been bothered in the first place.

I want to propose that we work things out in the atmosphere of trust and camaraderie.

See, what’s so right now is our undercutting each other in prices have made us all into loss, and the only one who wins is the market. The UN report says the market price is blahblah$ a barrel and the cost to produce one barrel is >blahblah$.

It would seemed that cutting price could be a solution for some, but if nothing is done about trusting and working together, eventually we would run out of money to sponsor production as our money coming in is more than money going out, which beats the purpose of cutting price in the first place, which is to have money coming to us.

Also with the onset of electric vehicles replacing oil fast and other renewable energies like solar and wind on the verge of replacing oil to warm the northern countries through the winters, if we keep on fighting, where we are headed would be disaster for our economies and hurt our individual ability to meet our citizens’ social needs which could eventually lead to social mayhem.

With the possibility of trust and camaraderie, we can come out of this together, and stronger than ever before.

I would like to propose a 7 member working committee that is fairly selected to represent all member countries’ interests.  This would allow all countries to voice their concerns and have their concerns be heard. This committee would then come out with a pegged price coming from having all these concerns represented and factored in”.

Well, the Ambassador looked at me funny and could not make up his mind if I was a genius or crazy.

Some people may be wondering, but what does suit has to do with any of this or how does it even guarantee a win. Off-course, it doesn’t.  But if you are going to come from you are going to play to win, you might as well… to win. And you do that by giving yourself as much advantage as possible, especially when the stakes are really high. You aligned your ducks in a row, you prepare your proposal well, you know it by heart, and you get ‘how you occur to others’ in order, such that it’s the foundation for commanding respect, and you deliver it like you never deliver it before and stand for the possibility boldly.

You, then, unbridledly become the champion for it getting accomplished. Now THAT would be so moving that it would stir the humanness in others to have them aligned with you. Something worth living and fighting for….don’t you think? And while you go about doing it, do it in style with our suits by the best tailor in Bangkok :) .

Now……If that doesn’t command respect what would?

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