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Monte Carlo Tailors - tailor shop

our tailor shop promise our cuts will fit you to a tee

Not only that, we offer a special service where we come to wherever you are to cater to your convenience. Why waste your valuable hard earned travel time in getting stuck in the bustling Bangkok traffic when we could come straight to your hotel room or lobby and take your measurement without disrupting your day. Moreover, we can finish your suits to a standard of excellence within the timeframe of your trip in just 3 days!

Monte Carlo Tailors - tailor shop bangkok

Anatomy Of A Premium Hand-crafted Suit​


มีขนสักหลาดทำให้ปก มีน้ำหนักและกันหนาว​
ปักชื่อ กุ๊น และดำน้ำด้านใน ในสีที่เสริมบารมีเรา
ดำน้ำปกนอกบ่งบอก สูทราคาพรีเมี่ยม

We create suits together with our expert
consultants and professional tailoring sessions.​




Warren de Leon

I ended up buying 5 half-canvassed suits (3 piece each one) from them. They have plenty of choices in terms of fabrics. You can choose from expensive ones to cheap one. I decided to go with super 120s wool. They delivered exactly what I wanted. Raja is extremely friendly and their staff are charming. Luckily everybody speaks good English....

Magic JochenBest Tailor!!!

Magic Jochen
Best Tailor!!!

I found Monte Carlo Tailors 2014 in Bangkok and since then i am a very lucky client from him! His work is perfect and everything you like is possible! If i need something new he send it to me in Germany because he has my measurements! That's really perfect!

by Manvinder Singh

by Manvinder Singh
The owner (Raja) was very detailed and patient while giving me fabric and style options. He even went the extra mile to give me my premium tailor-made suit with my name embroidered inside. I was called back for a fitting and the suit was delivered at the place of my choice.

Why our suits are made to last?

Anatomy Of A Premium Hand-crafted Suit

Sweat Resistance Under-Arm Patch

Woolen Felt Under The Collar
Exclusive name inscription with
hand-stiching and piping
Handpicked Stitching
On The Lapel
Real Sleeve Buttonholes
Half chest Canvas With Horse Hair

Crotch patch - to avoid urine seep.

Rubber-gripped pants waist-line
- Out-seam piped for future adjustments
- Double stitched reinforced
crotch - avoid splitting

Half lining trousers - give some warmth.


What's the difference between a suit vs a blazer?

What's the difference between a suit vs a blazer?

“Suit” is a term used to refer to both Suit jacket and suit pants The nature of use that must always be accompanied by suit pants. and must be of the same color and made of the same fabric.

Tailor shop reveals secrets... “How do you know the suit in your closet is a Premium suit?”

Tailor shop reveals secrets... “How do you know the suit in your closet is a Premium suit?”

"Dressing" is important to enhance the look to be dignified. Always look good, enhance the bang. Good suit, soft fabric, comfortable to wear. "Look" impressed at first sight.

3 styles of men's suits (British, Italian, American), the differences we want you to know.

3 styles of men's suits (British, Italian, American), the differences we want you to know.

British style suit The suit's original consists of a suit jacket, shirt and pants that are perfectly flattered, single-button, 2-button design with 2-6 double-button designs.

Monte Carlo Tailors

ที่อยู่ ร้านตัดสูท Premium กรุงเทพ | รับตัดสูทด่วน ราคาถูกกว่าซื้อสำเร็จ 3 เท่า

339/1 Rajprarob Soi 12
Makkasan Ratchthewi Bangkok 10400

Monday - Saturday  08.30 am -19.00 pm

Monte Carlo Tailors - custom suits bangkok

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