Tailor in Bangkok: 12 Tips to Choose a Perfect Custom Suit For You

26 September 2022

Tailor in Bangkok: 12 Tips to Choose a Perfect Custom Suit For You

Bangkok has more tailors per square kilometer than any other city worldwide. It's not hard to understand why. As one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia, the Thai capital attracts an international clientele looking to dress well without spending too much money on fashion-forward clothing that's likely to go out of style after just one season. This guide will help you choose a custom suit from any of Bangkok's many tailors, enabling you to look your best while having cash left over to spend on dinner, a movie, or some other exciting activity!

1. Know Your Measurements
It is important to know your measurements and what size you wear. Your style, personality, body type, and where you are looking to wear the suit will also help shape what kind of fit or look you are going for.

2. Consider Your Style
Know your style and be confident about your choices. There are different styles of dress today, so finding one that fits your preferences shouldn't be difficult. Speak to a tailor in Bangkok and get things moving already.

3. Choose a Fabric That Reflects Your Personality
The world of men's suits contains many layers. It starts with the choice of fabric and moves on to everything else: fit, color, and style. You must also know that different fabrics evoke different moods and personalities. Whichever, a custom-made suit will fit any if made properly.

4. Start from Scratch
Choosing a well-fitting, stylish custom suit can seem like an overwhelming task. The last thing you want is a subpar one that doesn't get its money's worth out. Starting from scratch will solve that problem.

5. Bring Pictures With you to The Tailor
Come along with what you want before going into the tailoring session. Bring pictures of your desired look so the suit tailor can work from that vision. That way, they won't be guessing about what design they should give your new suit and will have something else to go off of if they forget something!

6. Alter it Yourself
Bespoke suits are typically tailored from scratch. Every detail is an individualized option. But what do you do if you want the benefits of off-the-rack quality and price with a bit more flair? Thai Bespoke is here to help.

7. Ask the Opinions of Others
People have varying opinions on fabric, patterns, and cuts. In fact, more frequently than not, we are oblivious of the styles that fit us best. Therefore, it is vital to ask for the view of others when choosing a custom-made suit by a Bangkok tailor.

8. Get Some Professional Help
Getting professional help from Bangkok tailors involves choosing your fabric, choosing your style, and placing your sewing priorities. Bangkok tailored suits must be exquisitely sown and occasion-specific. You can only do this with the help of a professional Bangkok tailor.

9. Set Your Budget
Your budget affects the quality of the fabric, weight of the fabric, and overall length of the garment. But, most importantly, your budget affects the turnaround time.

10. Function Over Fashion
Choosing function over fashion in choosing a custom suit in Bangkok will help you in the long run; you'll save money in the long run and still get the desired look.

11. Accessorize Your Suit
Tailored suits should be accessorized. It is why we ensure all our bespoke suits are given 2 pairs of shoe loops and a 12-inch pocket. Customers can wear existing shoes or accessorize with handmade shoes such as loafers, boat shoes, oxfords, and derby shoes.

12. Choose Your Shoes With Your Suit
Five criteria matter when picking the right shoes with your suit: how formal the event is, weather, the color of shoes and pants, the dress code, and heel height. For example, wearing black leather lace-up shoes with a dark navy wool three-piece suit will make you look more formal than wearing brown loafers.

Hinge Point
Hopefully, this guide has given you some good ideas about the specifics to look for when buying your first custom made suit. And when it comes time to buy your next one, keep these tips in mind so that you can be proud of what you're wearing!

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