Tales from growing up as a Tomboy and now owning THE tailored suit from the best tailor in Bangkok as if It’s the first love of my life.

26 October 2022

Tales from growing up as a Tomboy and now owning THE tailored suit from the best tailor in Bangkok as if It’s the first love of my life

As Thailand becomes more open and vibrant in the LGBTQ scene with the recent changes in laws about same-sex marriage, the freedom to fully owns one's self-expression has never been this easy.

Life was not always this way, I remember as a child growing up, when I had a choice, I never opted to wear a dress. All my friends and cousins used to get so excited looking forward to weddings, thinking about all the tasty food they would get to eat and most importantly of sneakily drinking a soft drink.
Yet for me, the dreaded feeling of wearing a dress always ruined it for me. I remember begging my parents at every single wedding until recently to be allowed to not wear a dress, and every single time I was faced with rejection.

The worst part is, every year I would hope that they would think I was old enough to make that decision and would finally agree, but alas that was too hopeful. Weddings are meant to be a joyous occasion, where friends and family would leave behind all their stress to celebrate love. Yet for me, the wedding was the stress. It was not the case where my dresses were uncomfortable because physically, they were really comfortable, but somehow, I always felt restricted in them.

Whenever I wear a dress, people treat me like a girl. It is the simple thing that affects me; they tell me how beautiful I look rather than handsome; they talk to me about bags, shoes, jewelry, etc instead of sports, politics, gym, etc; they invite me to go sit with the girls whilst all the boys are running around like free maniacs. Imagine that horrid feeling of being called something you are not, now imagine that on top of that, society acts as if nothing is wrong. It is not even their fault for being that way, to them I am just a girl in a dress and so they proceed to treat me as such. The feeling is almost suffocating and embarrassing.

This entire feeling dissipated the moment the first time I wore a suit to a wedding, it was so freeing. Whilst a dress is very much still seen as a feminine piece of clothing, a suit owns me my rightful expression. I could be whoever I wanted to be and treated as what whatever I wanted to be. Gone were the days were I would be treated as a female, people started to look at me as who I really am. It felt wonderful to finally be able to showcase who I am to the world and for the world to finally see who I truly was.

The best part of a tailored suit, is that there are numerous alterations which allows you to really showcase who you are through your suit. A typical black or navy blue suit displays elegance and sophistication; a brightly colored suit portrays vibrancy and energy; a floral-designed blazer portrays happiness and peacefulness. There is a suit for every personality and the feeling that I got to finally represent myself was elation.

Now some may say a dress would be more comfortable than a tailored suit, to them I say they have never worn a good suit and never one from a Bangkok tailor. A well-made suit would offer the same maneuverability and comfort a dress provides, and in fact may even provide more.

I currently own my very own 2nd skin of a beautiful tailor-made suit that I feel is really my self-expression and I look forward to wearing it to as many joyous occasion as I can. I hope you find yours as well.

What about you, you may have some style interests to fulfill upon, what do you like, what style catches your eyes, what calls you? What reflects your self-expression? Need our guidance? You can reach us via Bangkok Tailor Shop via whatsapp: +66863307228. Or via phone at 0863307228, for a 15 minutes one-time free guidance consulting by the best tailor in Bangkok to bring about your own unique style.

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