What is French-style tailoring? And who does French-style tailoring in Bangkok?

11 March 2024

What is French-style tailoring? And who does French-style tailoring in Bangkok?

French-style tailoring is renowned for its elegance, refinement, and attention to detail. Here's a breakdown of its key characteristics

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● Softness and fluidity : French tailoring often features a more natural shoulder line with minimal padding, creating a graceful drape and relaxed silhouette.
● Shaped waist : Jackets are subtly nipped at the waist, emphasizing a balanced and elegant form.
● Higher armhole : The armhole is cut higher, allowing for greater freedom of movement and contributing to the slim-fitting appearance.


● Hand craftsmanship : French tailoring emphasizes meticulous handwork. This is visible in details like delicate hand-stitched buttonholes and pick stitching along the edges.
● Subtlety : Details are often understated, focusing on quality rather than being overtly flashy or decorative.
● Lining : High-quality linings, frequently silk, add luxury and facilitate a smooth fit.
● Internal Structure : There's a focus on the internal structure and canvasing of the suit to create a natural shape that adapts to the body over time.

CentralWorld : The Epicenter of Urban Chic

Specific Features

● Notch Lapel : The typical lapel style is a "frogmouth" notch lapel, which is slightly curved for a touch of Parisian flair.
● Bespoke Tradition : While there are ready-to-wear options with French styling elements, French tailoring has a strong traditional association with bespoke suits, fully customized to the wearer's measurements.

Overall impression

French-style tailoring aims for timeless elegance, favoring comfort and a flattering fit without sacrificing structure. It exudes a sense of sophistication and emphasizes the wearer's natural form.

Famous French Tailoring Houses

● Cifonelli
● Camps de Luca
● Arnys
● Smalto

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