How to tailor a men's pants above belly button?

11 March 2024

How to tailor a men's pants above belly button?

While it's possible to tailor men's pants to sit above the belly button, it's important to understand the style implications and the potential challenges involved. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know

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Style Considerations

● Vintage Look : Wearing pants above the belly button evokes a vintage, high-waisted style reminiscent of earlier fashion eras. This can be a distinctive and stylish look if done well.
● Proportion : High-waisted trousers alter body proportions, potentially making legs look shorter. Consider this if you have a shorter torso or longer legs.
● Formality : While vintage, high-waisted pants aren't inherently formal. But they generally work better with more structured outfits and might clash with extremely casual styles.

Tailoring Challenges

Rise : The rise of the pants is the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Altering the rise significantly is a complex tailoring job, as it requires adjusting the entire seat of the pants.
Pockets : If the rise is changed drastically, the pockets may need to be repositioned to maintain a natural appearance and function.

Cost : Due to the complexity, altering the rise to sit above the belly button will likely be more expensive than standard tailoring procedures.

Tailoring Process

1. Finding the Right Rise : Determine how far above the belly button you want the pants to sit. A tailor can help with the measurement, but using your fingers as a guide (as mentioned in some online resources) is also a method.
2. Altering the Waist : The tailor will likely need to take in the waist to accommodate the higher fit. This might require taking the pants apart at the waistband.
3. Adjusting the Seat : The seat of the pants (the area around your rear) may need adjustments as the pants sit higher on your body.
4. Hemming : If the pants are too long for the higher rise, hemming will likely be required.


● Finding the Right Tailor : Not all tailors are comfortable with or experienced in making major alterations like raising the rise dramatically. Find a skilled tailor shop who understands your desired style. Look for someone who has empathy and is communicative rather than a tailor who offers it cheap.
● Limitations of Original Pants
: The amount of extra fabric in the rise area of the pants will dictate how much they can be altered. Significant changes may not always be possible. One way to go about it is to check with the tailor if a match cloth fabric is available at the tailor shop before committing to the tailor.
● Cost
: Extensive alterations like this can be more expensive than standard tailoring.

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● Purchasing High-Waisted Pants : Consider buying pants specifically designed with a high-waisted fit for a cleaner look and better overall construction suited to the style. This is preferred as very often, the problem is keeping the pants profile proportionate to the upper thighs shape as well
● Suspenders
: You can achieve a higher-waisted appearance without major alterations by using suspenders with regular-fitting pants.

If you decide to go ahead with the alterations, here are some tips :

● Communicate clearly : Bring reference images of the desired style and be very clear with your tailor men's about your expectations for the fit.
● Consider a "mock-up" :
Ask the tailor shop if they can do a temporary pinning to give you a sense of the fit before making permanent alterations.

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